About JetRight

JetRight is a Nashville-based business committed to providing excellence in all things aviation and aerospace— from on-demand charter and managed services to co-ownership opportunities, repairs and everything in between. Although we officially launched in May of 2017, our history goes back for decades and includes more than 35 years of industry success.

We’re also fortunate to be part of JetRight Aerospace Holdings, a parent company whose main focus is on acquiring aviation and aerospace companies and supporting them in their journey to excellence. This support, along with our leadership team’s decades of experience, have allowed JetRight to function as a well-established full-service company, right out of the gate.

We could go on and on about our talented team, our passion for aviation and how it got us to where we are today, but we’d much rather share our story (and hear yours) in person. Drop by sometime for a visit.

You provide the company. We’ll provide the coffee.

Our Team

Steve Gregory

Founding Partner / CEO

Diversified aviation and aerospace professional with deep experience as a pilot, mechanical engineer with deep ties and experience as a serial entrepreneur, financial investments oversight & support, acquisition transactions, and organization evaluations.

Current / Past employers: Rugosa Partners, Averitt Air, On Tour Logistics, Principal Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Pratt & Whitney

Specialties: professional pilot, professional engineer, air operations, aircraft performance, acquisitions, investment evaluation, team building, organization growth

Bob Percy

Founding Partner / COO

Diversified aviation and aerospace professional with deep experience in leadership, technical operations, and continuous improvement programs. Proven ability to positively support and impact business operations and its supporting teams.

Past employers: Embraer, Skywest Airlines, Beechcraft, Wells Aviation, and  US Air Force.

Specialties: team growth, operations management, organizational strategy, strategic growth, continuous improvement programs, and quality and safety systems.

Bertil Westin

Founding Partner / CFO

Diversified finance professional with deep experience in capital markets transactions, credit analysis, financial planning & analysis, accounting, treasury operations, strategic sourcing, business support, bank relationships, mergers & acquisitions and working capital management

Past employers: Pinnacle Financial Partners, Avenue Bank, Healthways, Permobil, IMG, Perstorp AB, ABB Inc, and SEB Merchant Banking

Specialties: People management, business management, capital budgeting, strategic negotiations with business partners, debt and capital markets, currency and interest rate hedging.

Jetright Air Management

Bob Vollmuth


Professional aviation and aerospace leader with longstanding experience in aircraft sales, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, air taxi operations and aviation training programs.

Proven ability to innovate and provide unique solutions to problematic situations

Past employers: Averitt Express & U.S. Army

Specialties: Cost control, operations management, business process management, safety program, acquisitions and sustainment operations.

Chris Rakaskas

Vice President – Strategic Partnerships

Accomplished and connected Aerospace professional with experience in manufacturing operations as well as new-aircraft Sales, Contracts, and Delivery/Entry-Into-Service.

Past Employers:  Bombardier Aerospace – Learjet

Specialties:  Customer Experience, Sales, Contracts, Project Management

Vision Statement:

At JetRight, we are constantly striving to be an example of excellence in everything we do.

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